PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL DST ABOUT AUDITIONS. You must contact whatever company/theater/group is holding the auditions directly. Dog Story Theater does not produce shows. Any auditions listed here are being run by a company producing a show at Dog Story or by a friend of the theater. Thanks and good luck!


10 min auditions

Auditions for the 2018 LEFF 10-Minute Play Festival will take place at Dog Story Theatre beginning at 7:00pm.

Please prepare a 90-second monologue.

Casting requirements will be announced once the plays have been selected.

Actors interested in participating in the 24 Hour Theatre Performance on February 10, should come to these auditions! 24 Hour Theatre is produced by Hole in the Wall Theatre Company and the Dog Story Theater. Actors should be prepared to spend all day Saturday, February 10 in planning/rehearsal with a performance scheduled for 8pm that night!!

If you have any questions please contact us on Facebook or email at




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